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Trust is the most important currency of the modern business. Establish trust through communication-driven, customer-focused engagement.

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About Violeta


Violeta-4483-mediumI am, first and foremost, a lover of words. The written word. The spoken word (particularly Brazilian Portuguese – if you’re Brazilian, talk to me). The sung word. Even the signed word. In the beginning, so they say, was the word, and a world without words is unimaginable to me. And pretty dull.

My love of words led me to writing, and I became a professional author at the age of 14. Years as a freelancer followed, during which my articles, personal essays and stories were published in Australia, the US, and the UK, with the odd book – pseudonymous-but-fun bits of fluff included – every now and then. Some decades after that, I started teaching and training others to write – something I love doing as much as writing itself.  And some decades after that, I became an NLP practitioner.  When my love of both words and NLP combined… well, let’s just say that while in my head there was a Captain Planet scenario, what actually happened in real life was that I discovered LAB (Language and Behaviour) profiling, and became a LAB practitioner.

These days, besides a lover of words, I am a communication and Language and Behaviour specialist offering training, consulting, mentoring, and coaching expertise to business, NGOs, and individuals. I help forge and strengthen internal communication for better performance, and external communication for better business. Brilliant.

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