Lies, damned lies, and Serena and Essena

It was a week where Insta-famous teenager Essena revealed the reality behind her oh-so-perfect image: starvation, photo altering, depression, tanties, desperate approval seeking, et al. And Serena Williams proclaimed she was a superhero for hunting down the thief who stole her phone, until CCTV footage revealed that events weren’t as dramatic as she had described.… Continue reading Lies, damned lies, and Serena and Essena

Be there.

It happens to me all the time: if I’m not brought into a company 18 months after they’ve been struggling with some aspect of their communication, then I’m being brought in, like this time, after they’ve been struggling for six. What was it this time? Six months, two marketing execs, and countless meetings later, they… Continue reading Be there.