Writing courses in Melbourne – new at WeTeachMe!


I am absolutely chuffed about my partnership with WeTeachMe to bring you my brilliant writing workshops and courses, live. No webinars, no recordings, no emailed course materials: just a bunch of people sharing their words and creating awesome synergy.

I am offering three courses to begin with:

Just Write (and Publish) The Damn Thing! – my kick-up-the-butt primer for anyone who wants to write their book (or screenplay, or other magnum opus).

Write Your Non-fiction Book (Cover-to-Cover Power) – a six-part face-to-face course (12 hours total) for subject matter experts, thought leaders, coaches, and speakers who want to write and publish a non-fiction book. 

Fiction Writing Intensive – Want to write a novel or short stories? Then this six-part face-to-face course (12 hours total) covering the foundations of fiction is for you. Check them out, come along, invite someone, or get someone you love a gift voucher! It’s going to be grand.