Performance and productivity services

A team that functions at optimum performance and productivity and lives up to its full potential ultimately happens because of one thing: your ability to influence them.

Influence isn’t manipulation: it is a combination of leadership, connection, and communication. I provide this with two powerful psycholinguistic tools: the iWAM, and the LAB Profile provides this simply and elegantly by analysing cognitive (language) patterns and pinpointing what drives you, your people, your culture, and your clients or customers, how they process information, and how they make decisions.  With this tool, you will:

  • Manage people’s strengths instead of suffering their weaknesses
  • Establish profound rapport and communicate effectively with anyone
  • Predict people’s behaviour
  • Use language in a powerful way
  • Create a model of excellence that can be used in management and recruitment
  • Avoid making mistakes with your team
  • Know what motivates – and demotivates – people
  • Reduce resistance to change
  • Communicate with culturally diverse groups
  • Shorten the sales cycle and guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Create powerful marketing
  • Implement organisational change painlessly and easily
  • Reduce or eliminate team and organisational conflict
  • Write internal communications that are read and acted on
  • Tailor development and coaching of team members to their own individual needs
  • Adapt training and education programs to your team’s diverse needs

Applications of the iWAM and LAB Profile are myriad. How you use it – whether on its own or as part of a broader strategy – is up to your needs. To begin to discover the power of the LAB Profile yourself, contact me now for a free profile of your own. We can discuss team applications after you are suitably impressed.

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