To paraphrase Bette Midler, enough about me – let’s talk about other people. What do they say about me?


“One of the best days of my business was the day Violeta called me and asked if she could write for me, and be my voice in the written word. That day everything changed in my business, and everything became very clear. Violeta’s brilliance is that she can take my thoughts, my ideas and my insights and bring them to life, so that when the message gets out, people connect, engage, and are transformed. I thank her every day and every moment, for becoming my messenger.”


Alice Haemmerle


“Super job! And so easy to work with!”

Rachael Guthridge

General Manager, Marketing

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“I would like to commend AND recommend Violeta Balhas for her expertise on wordsmithing.

I attended a wonderfully insightful and interactive workshop with Violeta and have to say it was all the knowledge and motivation I needed to start writing on a regular basis. This has assisted me to assist my clients better, through gaining clarity of mind and creative flow using her recommended techniques, hints and tips gained from her over 20 years as a published writer. I have also had experience with Violeta and her skill in administering the LAB Profiling tool. Violeta, you walked me through the profile and then delivered my personal summary so beautifully and with such loving intent, thank you so much. What a wonderful way for people to receive insights for themselves and how they can better use language to communicate effectively and influence others in any situation. I urge anyone seeking an expert in professional writing to assist them in elevating their position with their employer, clients or business community, or even personal goals, to open a conversation with and engage the services of Violeta.”


Chris Picone


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