Ten Reasons to Keep a Journal

On sharing “The Success Indicator” by MaryEllen Tribby on our Facebook page, there were many people wondering why a successful person would keep a journal. What difference does keeping a journal make? A big difference, in fact. It’s the reason why I give my clients a journal of their own at our first session together.  Why? 1. A… Continue reading Ten Reasons to Keep a Journal

Inglourious Writers

Each of us has one of those “If only I had a buck for every time…” moments.  My regular one is a client or student saying, when we first meet, “I always wanted to write…” These wistful words have been spoken by just about every kind of person you can imagine.  The housewife.  The high-powered… Continue reading Inglourious Writers

A glorious finish

A few weeks ago I attended a memorial service for a family friend, and as the laughter rang in equal measure to the tears that flowed, I remembered Stephen Covey’s words of beginning with the end in mind, and asking yourself what your eulogy would say.  And the end of this man’s life – which… Continue reading A glorious finish